"5 Stars! Thanks for the Outstanding Service."

-Shannon P

Gutter Cleaning Help

A WVH Service pro cleans and repairs your gutters and downspouts. Gutter Cleaning!

Holiday Lighting Help

A WVH Service Pro installs or removes your holiday lights and decorations. Click here!

Household Fixes Help

A WVH Service Pro helps with Faucets, Locks, Doors and other simple fixes.

Door & Lock Fixes

Does your door stick or not close properly?  Do you need new locks, knobs, fixtures or weather stripping? A Service Pro fixes your door and keeps you safe. Click here!

Handyman by the hour

Do you have several little fixes you need done? Hire a Service Pro by the hour and do them all.  Click here!

Hanging Pictures & Shelves Help

A WVH Service Pro helps you hang your pictures, shelves, mirrors and decorations. Click Here!