Here is the WestValleyHelp Quick Guide to Remodeling a Small Bathroom: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Project

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“Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Here is the WestValleyHelp Quick Guide to Remodeling a Small Bathroom: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Project”

  1. Assess the existing bathroom: Take measurements and note fixtures to determine changes needed. Do some searching online to find looks and colors that you identify with.
  2. Set a budget: Allocate funds for plumbing, electrical, flooring, fixtures, and unexpected expenses.
  3. Plan the layout: Decide on placement of sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub.
  4. Choose materials: Select durable materials for flooring, tiles, fixtures, and paint or wallpaper. Refer to your budget and your vision – time to decide and place your orders.
  5. Obtain necessary permits: Check local codes and obtain permits if required
  6. Start demolition: Remove existing fixtures, tiles, and flooring.
  7. Install new fixtures and finishes: Tiles, flooring, paint, trim or wallpaper.
  8. Test and inspect: Check plumbing and electrical and inspect work for quality and accuracy.
  9. Clean up: Remove debris and install final touches like towel racks, mirrors and light fixtures
  10. Your small bathroom is done: Enjoy a slice of personalized paradise!

Making a dream bathroom, even a little one, should not scare you…it should inspire you. If you would like some help planning and building your dream bathroom, call us at 866 9-HELPER. :)


Your mail is safe with The Fort Knox Mail Box!

Stop worrying about your mail! Get the Fort Knox Mailbox from WestValleyHelp. The Fort Knox Mailbox features:

-Concealed active mail clip, 3 keys, and required establishment equipment

-USPS Affirmed full-service private locking security post box anticipates mail-identity burglary

-14- and 16-gauge galvanized welded steel development protects against vandalism

-Imaginative perplex entryway acknowledges little bundles, bundles, and a box of checks additionally hinders angling.

-Incorporates protected Anti-Pry hook bolt component to anticipate utilized section with a screwdriver & tall security anti-drill

-Anti-pick 12-disc wafer lock

They measure 21 x 10.75 x 11.25 inches and prices start at $425 installed. You can also add a beautiful custom base. Price varies based upon your needs.

Contact us today at 866 9-HELPER or JJ@westValleyHelp.Com to discuss your Fort Knox Mailbox from WestValleyHelp!

Do you think you have mold?

Do you think you have mold in your home? Let WestValleyHelp come in and check for you. We work with accredited labs to ensure there is nothing potentially dangerous in your home. Call us today at (866) 9-HELPER.

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Cool your patio by 20-30 degrees this summer with water sipping misters

Cool your patio by 20-30 degrees this summer with water sipping misters

With average summer temperatures hovering around 94 degrees in the West Valley, locals are always looking for smart, cost effective ways to keep cool in the summer. More and more people are installing water sipping patio misters.
I know what you are thinking, “But we are in the middle of a drought!” Actually, modern misters use very little water per hour for the area they cool.
How much water do misters use? Of course that depends on the area you are cooling and the number of misting heads. For a 10’ x 20’ patio I would recommend approx. 8-12 misters. Misters create micro droplets and 10 – 12 will use approx. ½ to 1 gallon per hour. This means you can cool your patio at dinner time by up to 30 degrees for about 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water – that’s less than one toilet flush!
How does misting cool the air?
Misters create billions of micro droplets every second. When these droplets are introduced into an outdoor area, they quickly evaporate which requires energy. This energy is taken from the air in the form of heat and the result is a temperature reduction from 20-30 degrees – depending on the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the air.
Best of all these systems are very inexpensive!
Basic systems can be purchased at Home Depot for $25 and plugged directly into your hose – easy and cheap!
When you consider the high energy cost of cost of cooling your home, water sipping misters can be a very inexpensive way to enjoy your patio in the West Valley.
Happy Homemaking

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