How often should you clean out your chimney? To prevent fires, the answer is yearly. Your fireplace creates heat ranging from 800-1100 degrees. Be smart and safe and keep it clean!

As you burn wood and synthetic wood products, the inside of your chimney gets coated with soot and creosote. Creosote is a a tar-like, thick, oily residue that builds up over time…and it’s highly flammable. While soot is somewhat easy to remove, creosote is a lot more difficult as it sticks to the inner lining of your chimney.

Did you know that 80% of the heat that comes from your fireplace is radiant and mostly goes up the chimney stack and the temperatures can range from 800 degrees to over 1100 degrees?

Our standard chimney cleaning ranges from $149-$199 depending on the size of your home and roof access. If you use your chimney regularly, we recommend adding our all natural creosote remover treatment for an additional $65. This special treatment is done the day before your actual cleaning and loosens up the oily creosote heavy fireplace users an additional 25% creosote cleaning benefit.

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